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Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us

What The Zuk gets to know about you

  • Your information:

Your information is the information that's required when you sign up for The Zuk, as well as the information you choose to share with people.

  • Registration information:

When you sign up for The Zuk, you are required to provide your name & email address.

  • Information you choose to share:

Your information also includes the information you choose to share on The Zuk, such as when you post a status update, upload a photo, or comment on a pals's post. It also includes the information you choose to share when you take an action, such as when you add a pal, like a Page or a website, find pals using our contact importers, or indicate you are in a relationship.
Your name, profile picture, networks, username and User ID are treated just like information you choose to make public.

  • Information others share about you:

We receive information about you from your pals.

  • Other information we receive about you:

> We receive data about you whenever you interact with The Zuk, such as when you look at another person's profile, send someone a message, search for a pal or a Page, or purchase ZECs.
> When you post things like photos or videos on The Zuk, we may receive additional related data (or metadata), such as the time, date, and place you took the photo or video.
> We receive data from the computer, mobile phone or other device you use to access The Zuk. This may include your IP address, location, the type of browser you use, or the pages you visit.
> We also put together data from the information we already have about you and your pals. For example, we may put together data about you to determine which pals we should show you in your Updates.

  • Information that you share with the masses on The Zuk (Public information)

When we use the phrase "public information" (which we sometimes refer to as "Everyone information"), we mean the information you choose to make public, as well as information that is always publicly available.
Information you choose to make public:
Choosing to make your information public means that anyone, including people off of The Zuk, will be able to see it.
Choosing to make your information public also means that this information:
> can be associated with you (i.e., your name, profile picture, The Zuk profile, User ID, etc.) even off The Zuk
> can show up when someone does a search on The Zuk or on a public search engine
> Sometimes you will not be able to select an audience when you post something (like when you write on a page or comment on a news article that uses our comments plugin).
> This is because some types of posts are always public posts. As a general rule, you should assume that if you do not see a sharing icon, the information will be publicly available.
> When others share information about you, they can also choose to make it public.

The types of information listed below are always publicly available, and are treated just like information you decided to make public:

    Name: This helps your pals and family find you. If you are uncomfortable sharing your real name, you can always deactivate or delete your account.

    Profile Pictures: This helps your pals and family recognize you. If you are uncomfortable making your profile picture public, you can always delete it/change it.

    Username and User ID: These allow you to give out a custom link to your profile or Page, receive email at your The Zuk email address, and help make The Zuk Platform possible.

  • Usernames and User IDs

A Username (or The Zuk URL) is a custom link to your profile that you can give out to people or post on external websites. If you have selected a username, it will always appear in the URL on your profile page. If you have not selected a username, then the URL on your profile page will contain your User ID, which is what we use to identify your The Zuk account.
If someone has your Username or User ID, they can use it to access information about you through the The website. For example, if someone has your Username, they can type The into their browser and see your public information as well as anything else you've let them see.
When you sign up for a The Zuk email address, you will first have to select a public username. Your email address will include your public username like so: username@The You can control who can send you messages using Account settings.
How we use the information we receive
We use the information we receive about you in connection with the services and features we provide to you and other users like your pals, For example, we may use the information we receive about you:
> as part of our efforts to keep The Zuk safe and secure
> to make suggestions to you and other users on The Zuk, such as: suggesting that your pal use our contact importer because you found pals using it, suggesting that another user add you as a pal because the user imported the same email address as you did.
Granting us this permission not only allows us to provide The Zuk as it exists today, but it also allows us to provide you with innovative features and services we develop in the future that use the information we receive about you in new ways.
While you are allowing us to use the information we receive about you, you always own all of your information. Your trust is important to us, which is why we don't share information we receive about you with others unless we have:
> received your permission
> given you notice, such as by telling you about it in this policy
> removed your name or any other personally identifying information from it

  • Saying goodbye to The Zuk (Deleting your account)

When you delete an account, it is permanently deleted from The Zuk. Although most of your data is deleted instantly, it typically takes about one month to delete ALL your information, and some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days. You should only delete your account if you are sure you never want to reactivate it.

Other Privacy Statements

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our web site. By accessing or using our web site, you agree to be bound by the provisions set out below. If you do not agree to be bound in this way, do not continue to access or use our web site. We may modify these terms and conditions at any time. Any such modifications are effective immediately from the time they are included on our web site. You agree to review these terms and conditions regularly to ensure you become aware of any modifications to them.

  • Confidential Information

The Internet is not a secure medium and privacy cannot be assured. We cannot accept any responsibility for any harm or damage you may experience or incur by sending personal or confidential information to us over the Internet or if we send you such information at your request. If you choose to give us personal information via the Internet we may need to correspond with you, for example, to let you know how we will use such information. If you inform us that you do not wish to have this information used as a basis for further contact with you then we will respect your wishes.

  • Encryption

Please note that any e-mail sent to or from us via this web site and any attachments will not be encrypted. They may therefore be liable to be compromised. This is an inherent risk in relation to e-mail. We do not, to the extent permitted by law, accept any liability (whether in contract, negligence or otherwise) for any external compromise of security and/or confidentiality in relation to transmissions sent by e-mail.

  • Links

We do not accept any responsibility for the information practices of a web site you are able to access through a link on our web site. We make no representations about any other web sites which you may access through links on our web site. The inclusion of a link to a third party web site contained on our web site does not mean that we endorse that third party web site. A third party web site accessed from a link on our web site is independent from us and we have no control over the content and/or management of that web site. You view and rely upon the contents of any such third party web site at your own risk. We accept no liability to you for the contents of and/or information on any third party web site. We shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage you may suffer if you enter into any contract as a result of viewing a third party web site linked to our web site. We do not guarantee that any links to third party web sites contained on our web site will function correctly. You are not entitled to create a link to any part of our web site without our prior written consent.

  • Advice

Information on our web site should not be treated as advice to you in relation to a particular matter. You should seek professional advice before relying on any information.

  • Privacy Policy

We intend to manage any information learned about you in an ethical manner. It will only be used for our internal purposes and the internal purposes of our group. We do not sell databases or personal information to third parties. We can follow your navigation through our web site and identify the web pages which you visit. We may use such information to build statistics on users of our web site for our own use and for the use of third parties. We do not collect or compile personally identifying information for dissemination or sale to third parties for consumer marketing purposes. Cookies are software applications which are placed onto the hard drive of your computer by web sites. The aim of a cookie is to track a user's navigation in the web site and store the information on the user's hard drive. This information should make your web site visits more productive by storing and using information on your web site preferences and habits. They do not identify users personally but they do identify each user's computer. Your browser software can choose whether or not to accept cookies and most browser software is initially set up to accept them.

  • Intellectual Property

All web site design, text, pictures, graphics, animations and the selection and arrangement of them and all software compilations, coding, underlying source code, software and all other material on this web site are a property of You are not allowed to copy these properties and use them in any sense.

  • General Disclaimers

Please note that viruses and similar destructive programs are an inherent risk of communication via the Internet. We will use our reasonable endeavors to prevent contamination of any material sent to you with any virus or similar destructive code. We do not, to the maximum extent permitted by law, accept any liability for any virus or similar destructive code which computer equipment and/or software used by you may suffer as a result of your accessing our web site and/or any other communication via the Internet between you and us. It is your responsibility to scan what you choose to download from our web site to ensure that it is free of such items as viruses, worms, trojan horses and other similar destructive code.

Neither we nor any of our affiliates, directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for losses arising out of or in connection with the use of this web site. We are only providing this web site and its contents on a "as is" basis and we make no (and expressly disclaim all) representations and/or warranties of any kind with respect to this web site or its contents including without limitation warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. In addition we do not represent or warrant that the information accessible from or via this web site is accurate, complete or current. No action should be taken or omitted to be taken in reliance of any information contained on this web site and we shall have no liability for any action taken in such reliance.

The limitations of liability in relation to this web site apply to all damages of any kind, including, without limitation, compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income, production or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties.

The limitations of liability in relation to this web site do not limit our liability to the extent that it cannot be limited and/or excluded by applicable law.

The use of our web site is subject to United States law. Any dispute and/or claim arising out of this web site is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States law.

You are liable for any telephone charges and any charges made by your internet service provider as a result of your use of the internet service.

Any rights not expressly granted by us are reserved.

Know Your Zecs
  •  25k ZECs = 25000 ZECs = $5
  •  40k ZECs = 40000 ZECs = $7.5
  •  60k ZECs = 60000 ZECs = $11
  • 100k ZECs = 100000 ZECs = $19
  • 200k ZECs = 200000 ZECs = $37
  • 250k ZECs = 250000 ZECs = $46
  • 300k ZECs = 300000 ZECs = $56
  • 400k ZECs = 400000 ZECs = $74
  • 500k ZECs = 500000 ZECs = $93
Selling a Task

Create a Task that you are willing to do & specify the amount you want in return.
Share the Task with everyone on The Zuk
Once someone buys your task, you will be notified by The Zuk team whether you want to accept the offer
On completion & successful delivery of the task, your account will be credited with the amount of ZECs you had specified for the task
Encash the ZECs
Buying a Task

Select a Task that you want to be done and Order for it
The price of the Task will be deducted from your account
Keep track of the work progress by communicating with the Seller
Get the delivered work from the seller
If you want any changes, get them done within 48 hours from the delivery
Please read our Terms of Service