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Glossary of Terms
Know your Zuk expressions

Page: Page is your space on The Zuk where you share stuff with your pals.

Buzz: You may use the buzz button to post something on your own/pal's page

Profile: Your profile contains complete information about you

Photos: Photos is a feature that lets you share images

Videos: Videos is a feature that lets you share videos

Event: Events is a feature that lets you organize gatherings, invite people, respond to invites, etc.

Pals: Pals are people with whom you connect and share with on The Zuk

Awesome:Clicking on the awesome sign on the Awesomeness bar is a way to say that you find a piece of content cool

Punch:Clicking on the punch sign on the Awesomeness Bar is a way to say that a piece of content is boring

Messages: You can exchange private messages through the Messages feature

Search: Search is a tool to find people and content on The Zuk

Taskforce: Taskforce is a feature that helps you earn for your talents

War: You can put up a photo/video for war and people can vote for the deserving photo/video

Polls:You can create a poll or vote for an existing poll

PayTree: A unique feature that helps you establish new connections, enhance your PayTree network & earn ZECs.

Mood: You can select your appropriate mood for the day

Alerts: Shows you what your pals have been up to

Link: You can share a link from the web on The Zuk

ZECs(E-Credits): ZECs stands for Zuk e-Credits. ZECs are virtual currencies which you can earn & spend on The Zuk.

Notes: Notes is a feature that lets you publish and share your thoughts on The Zuk

Rank: You earn points for your presence and activities on The Zuk. Based on these points your rank is calculated.

My Bank: Your bank has all the details of your transactions.

Highlights: Contains all the information like profile completion, rank, the number of redemptions/month and membership expiry date.

Encash ZECs: You can encash the ZECs in your account and earn cash.

Know Your Zecs
  •  25k ZECs = 25000 ZECs = $5
  •  40k ZECs = 40000 ZECs = $7.5
  •  60k ZECs = 60000 ZECs = $11
  • 100k ZECs = 100000 ZECs = $19
  • 200k ZECs = 200000 ZECs = $37
  • 250k ZECs = 250000 ZECs = $46
  • 300k ZECs = 300000 ZECs = $56
  • 400k ZECs = 400000 ZECs = $74
  • 500k ZECs = 500000 ZECs = $93
Selling a Task

Create a Task that you are willing to do & specify the amount you want in return.
Share the Task with everyone on The Zuk
Once someone buys your task, you will be notified by The Zuk team whether you want to accept the offer
On completion & successful delivery of the task, your account will be credited with the amount of ZECs you had specified for the task
Encash the ZECs
Buying a Task

Select a Task that you want to be done and Order for it
The price of the Task will be deducted from your account
Keep track of the work progress by communicating with the Seller
Get the delivered work from the seller
If you want any changes, get them done within 48 hours from the delivery
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