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About Zuk
The Zuk helps you to "Unleash Yourself" and expand your social horizon.
Zuk was a naughty little boy living in Hujango Land. He had a lot of pals there & used to play around the whole day. One fine day, he and his 'Hub' of pals decided to create a 'War' against each other. They challenged Zuk to grow his 'PayTree' to Planet Internet, and collect 'ZECs' from there. Zuk, determined as he was, decided to 'Unleash himself'. He took up the 'Task' and came down to 'Buzz' Planet Internet. With his great experience and strong 'Portfolio' he created 'The Zuk'. He is now looking for new 'Pals' to enhance his 'Life Memories' and soon he might come & 'Buzz' you. He may 'Ask' you for your opinion by creating a 'Poll', but don't you dare to be in a naughty 'Mood' with him otherwise he will 'Zuk' you and you will turn into an alien & be sent away to Hujango Land.

The Zuk is an online networking platform that gives you the power to share and connect with the world at large, both professionally and socially. The Zuk combines a global perspective, resources and expertise to serve all its users. It is built up by a team of technodextrous who are dedicated to make The Zuk your most enriching and fun-filled social experience!

For You:
Lets talk about you. Whether you are here to connect with your friends, make new friends, find people with like interests, or establish new business contacts, The Zuk takes care of it all. What's more!! – You earn ZECs (Zuk E-Credits) by completing your profile, inviting verified members, completing Tasks, etc., which you can encash to real money. You also win points to increase your rank with every action - whether you are logging into The Zuk, buzzing your friends, completing your profile information or creating events/polls, every move counts. Let the WORLD know what you feeling...Share your MOOD TODAY!!

Enhance your networking experience and Unleash the fun side of you with The Zuk!!

Know Your Zecs
  •  25k ZECs = 25000 ZECs = $5
  •  40k ZECs = 40000 ZECs = $7.5
  •  60k ZECs = 60000 ZECs = $11
  • 100k ZECs = 100000 ZECs = $19
  • 200k ZECs = 200000 ZECs = $37
  • 250k ZECs = 250000 ZECs = $46
  • 300k ZECs = 300000 ZECs = $56
  • 400k ZECs = 400000 ZECs = $74
  • 500k ZECs = 500000 ZECs = $93
Selling a Task

Create a Task that you are willing to do & specify the amount you want in return.
Share the Task with everyone on The Zuk
Once someone buys your task, you will be notified by The Zuk team whether you want to accept the offer
On completion & successful delivery of the task, your account will be credited with the amount of ZECs you had specified for the task
Encash the ZECs
Buying a Task

Select a Task that you want to be done and Order for it
The price of the Task will be deducted from your account
Keep track of the work progress by communicating with the Seller
Get the delivered work from the seller
If you want any changes, get them done within 48 hours from the delivery
Please read our Terms of Service